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Great ingredients make great food.

Putting The Joy In Food.

Impress, Enjoy, Relax & Savour

"Laughter is brightest where food is best."

- irish proverb

About Muzza

A family run business providing a new and exciting approach to catering with a passion for creating Muzza (Joy) with our food. Our team of
experienced chefs create authentic, fresh and delicious food for all occasions from corporate lunches to weddings. Alongside our standard
menu we are here to inspire by creating a tantalising and bespoke catering experience.

Catering is not simply providing food, it is about adapting to your needs and aligning ourselves to your unique requirements.
We provide all of this through a personal service. So feel free to call us and see how we can help.

Hot Food Served

Catering isnt simply providing food, its about catering to your taste. Whether its hot or cold food Muzza can cater for it.

Ample Options

As well as a vast array of options on our menu, if you are looking for something different we are more than happy to oblige

Fresh Food & Ingredients

Knowing that you are getting fresh food makes all the difference.
Adapting to your dietary requirements provides you with confidence.

Expert & Skillful

Catering for Events

Why choose Us?

Your Beautiful Location.Food tastes better when you are in a good location.

Having chosen the perfect venue for your event, let Muzza compliment your efforts by selecting us as your caterer.
Our beautifully restored vintage food truck will assist in making your event stand out while creating a true wow statement.

Effective Planning

Time To Party.Nothing brings people together like good food.

Relax and enjoy yourself knowing that Muzza will provide the complete party catering experience.
Whether it’s a Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas or you just fancy throwing a party make sure you enjoy it by choosing catering professionals who can deliver on taste and service.

Why choose Us?

Formal Occasions.Create a tasteful affair.

Professional, reliable & respectful - we at Muzza understand and appreciate how unique your occasions will be.
We believe that catering is about providing not only great food but also an amazing service that adapts to your specific needs.

Professional & Impressive

Corporate Lunches

Making the right impression

Impress your clients and make a real statement about your organisation. Watch how your team start to enthusiastically volunteer to join meetings.

Expert & Skillful

Experience is everything

The Muzza team have combined catering experience of over 25 years and have catered for prestigious events including the Silverstone Grand Prix, Moto GP, The Old Bracklerians Remembrance Sunday lunch, local organisation lunches as well as more discreet events such as afternoon teas.

Our Latest News

News Feed

Our beautiful vintage food truck is on its way

Muzza has recently acquired a beautifully restored Citreon HY food truck. We love it and simply can't wait to see our customers reactions.

Expert & Skillful

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